Production Welding & Design


Our facility utilizes the equipment infrastructure and personnel of Junction 623 Inc. to maximize efficiency when manufacturing a variety of welded products such as steel embeds, anchors bolts , shear connectors, portable welding services , and much more.  Junction 623 handles the fabrication from concept to completion; quickly allowing procurement personnel to have real-time information for scheduling and planning that will meet your installation requirements and more importantly - satisfy your projects timeline.


Our extensive knowledge of materials, welding, and quality control enables Junction 623 to not only compete in different industries but set new state-of-the-art standards. The Junction team is quick to understand the scope of work and can turn it into a successful project, delivering faster than the competition. Junction 623 is a one-stop-shop for procurement personnel to secure and manufacture a variety of products that will meet any engineering specifications.  


Junction 623 wants to take your custom designs and manufacturing needs and business to a high-volume production with both personalized and professional attention and service.

For more information about how we can benefit your project , email us or give us a call today!