New Design !

Nothing can ruin a backyard get-together faster than a swarm of mosquitoes, black flies, hornets, wasps and other nasty bugs. Yet, even with all the expensive repellants on the market, we still end up covered in nasty and painful bug bites!

Your new Barrel Boss Bug Smoker is a super easy, affordable and eco-friendly way to create an effective deterrant for your outdoor space.


Simply add cardboard egg cartons or drink trays.  Light the corner of it on fire, place it in your new Bug Smoker, adjust the airflow and let it smoke. 


Your New Bug Smoker is the perfect size for any outdoor occasion and makes the  ideal gift for the person that has everything.


Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 6"

Weight 4.5 lbs





Barrel Boss Bug Smoker


When using this product - please use extreme caution as the smoker produces heat while the contents are smoldering inside and will cause the outside to become extremely hot and may result in an injury or burns.

Only burn the recommended products in the smoker.

Do not leave unattended and keep out of reach of children at all times.

This product is not intended for indoor use. 

Proudly Made in Alberta Canada

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