The Mini Boiler 'Barrel Boss' Wood Fired Pool Heater
Our most cost effective pool heater on the market !

**Orders take approx 3 weeks to complete from payment date.

Our Barrel Boss is the most economical way to truly enjoy your above ground pool or hotub during the Canadian seasons.  These Custom, High Heat Powder Coated Barrels are manufactured from 100% recycled product and Made In Alberta, by Certified Alberta Trades Men & Women.    


How is Does it Work ??

 Inside the Barrel, a raging fire will heat the water in the jacket surrounding the firebox.  Once the water is heated to 165F - 180F,  the circulation pump pushes the hot water thru the Titanium/Stainless Heat Exchanger (Sized to your Pool)


(** Heat Exchangers allow heat from one liquid to a second liquid without the 2 liquids having to mix together or having the 2 liquids come into direct contact.  The essential principle of a heat exchanger is that it transfers the heat without transferring the liquid that carries the heat.  Click Here for more information on Heat Exchangers. )


The cold pool water is sucked through your existing plumbing which will be connected to the heat exchanger (attached to the 'Barrel Boss') back thru the jet on your pool - producing ..... WARM WATER !    


We have made the design as Cost-Effective, Simple and User Friendly as possible so you can FINALLY enjoy your above ground pool.  We have personally tested this design as we too, were sick of hearing our kids say " It's Too Cold "  Now we have a hard time getting them out !!!! 

All you need is a 110/120 volt plug-in and dry seasoned fire wood. 


**Stand is NOT INCLUDED**  Must be added as an Option 

Overall Weight of Boiler & Accessories is approximately 230 LBS

Barrel Boss - "MINI BOILER" Wood Fired Pool Heater

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