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Embeds are a vital component in the construction industry and can be used anytime there is a need to attach steel to a concrete panel or slab. An embed is a fixture, an anchor bolt or rod being a metal component that is installed prior to the pouring of concrete. They are anchors in concrete used to transmit structural loads by tension, shear, or a combination thereof. Embeds primarily serve as connections to structural steel framing, façade and curtain wall systems, elevator rails and steel or precast stairs.

In the precast arena, embeds are set into columns, beams, and double tees and other miscellaneous items. When studs are welded inside a steel angle, they are called curb anchors and are used to strengthen the exposed edge of the concrete and are therefore used heavily in loading dock type structures. Tilt-Up construction and Tilt Wall panels utilize a variety of fabricated steel embeds. 

Our Process

Our manufacturing processes follow a strict quality management system that mandate our operations to be certified to CSA W47.1 & CSA W59 and our welders are qualified to these standard's.


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JCT623 PSR Stud Rails

Junction 623 PSR rails are designed to be used as shear reinforcement in concrete slabs to replace column capitals, stirrups, and drop panels and greatly increase the punching shear resistance of the slabs in place. Along with the development of this information our cooperation  will ensure that all guidelines for evaluation, Inspection and manufacturing of headed shear stud reinforcement assemblies will meet or exceed the highest CSA standards.

Please review, 

JCT623 Evaluation Report

ESR-2822 TrueWeld PSR Studs

ESR-2907 Nelson PSR Studs


Anchor Bolts

Junction 623 manufactures and stocks plain finish and galvanized headed anchor boltsthreaded anchor rods, and bent anchor bolts from 3/8″ diameter through 6″ diameter in a variety of different configurations and ASTM specifications.

We have in stock the following steels:

  • 44W steel

  • 4140 Steel

  • Stainless Steel.

We provide three options in finishing of any steel item.

  • Galvanizing

  • Cad Plating

  • Zinc Plating 

We also Thread Rebar, Sag Rods/Tie Rods/Brace Rods, Special U-Bolts, Embedded Steel & Shims.

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