Barrel Boss Q

Barbecue is the fastest growing labor-of-love style of cooking to hit Canada in a long time.  Heck everyone is doing it! From the amateur back-yard cook with a side of beer, to competition Barbecue Teams and now the commercial food sector with Barbecue Restaurants, Caterers and food trucks springing up everywhere.


Junction 623 is an established company that has had great success building a wide selection of steel fabricated products including the famous “Barrel Boss Pool Heater”.


We now bring our exacting skills to producing “The Barrel Boss Q” Drum series grill and smoker. It is designed to provide any skill level griller the perfect product for yourBBQ” satisfaction. From Memphis to Texas style, any meat, thin or thick, and cooked slow or fast, this Barrel can handle it and so much more.

The Barrel Boss Q is a 100 % Canadian Made “charcoal drum grill and smoker” proudly manufactured in Leduc County, Alberta. Designed to be user-friendly, affordable, highly durable, efficient, and portable. All you need is charcoal.  
The Barrel Boss Q is made from 18-gauge steel vertical drum with a fire basket and heat shield in the bottom, an adjustable cooking rack at the top and a heat distribution plate separating the two for an even, juicy cook whether you want to cook low and slow or hot and fast.


The vertical cook design lets the juices from the meat to drip down to the coals, creating a smoky mist to kiss the meat as it is exhausted through the vent stack. This eliminates any need for a water pan system.


This cooker excels at cooking “hot and fast” and can cook ribs in less than 3 hours, pork shoulder roasts and briskets in less than 5 hours with a satisfying smoky flavor without having to stay awake all night. Its temperature is easy to control and gives consistent results time after time.  

Free yourself from stubbing your toes on those bulky ovens in the kitchen and get outside -  rain, snow, or shine! The smell of your smoked meat will bring everyone to the yard, turning your meal into a social event! The Barrel Boss Q will reinvent the way you cook -  from vegetables to pizza, chicken to ribs, brisket to steaks. 

Your options are endless and so are your capabilities.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the Barrel Boss Q is for you, no exceptions!

In the words of Big Tom Callahan  “I can get a hell of a good look at a T-Bone steak by sticking my head up a bull’s ass, but I’d rather take the butchers word for it.”

Trust Junction 623 for your next BBQ.

BBQ has many meanings, but to Junction 623…it only means Barrel Boss Q! 

Let’s get grilling on your BBQ!

Barrel Boss Q - BBQ Smoker

From Concept to Completion

Guiding You To Do The Common Thing - Uncommonly Well

Proudly Made in Alberta Canada

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